African Bronze traditional forest honey / Miel de forêt traditionnel d’African Bronze


Case of 12.

50g jars suggested retail: $6.49 each.

350g bottles suggested retail: $13.99 each.

500g bottles suggested retail $17.99 each.

Carton de 12.

Pots de 50g: prix de détail suggéré 6,49 $ chacun.

Bouteilles de 350g: prix de détail suggéré 13,99 $ chacun.

Bouteilles de 500g: prix de détail suggéré 17,99 $ chacun.


Product description from African Bronze Honey:

Traditionally gathered from deep in the remote, pristine National Park forests in Tanzania. Our Tanzanian Winter Harvest honey is a rich gold color, full of antioxidants and rich in micro-nutrients. This is a full-flavoured, tropical forest honey, harvested during the dry season. Our Summer Harvest is a deep amber, multi-floral, tropical, honeydew forest honey. Both are full of the flavours and scents of the Miombo forest.

  • Produced by wild forest bees and gathered using sustainable beekeeping methods.
  • Great for your health! Our natural wild honey is packed with antioxidants and micronutrients.
  • Pesticide free, GMO-free, and certified 100% organic.
  • Beekeeping practices protect the vast forest areas and national parks in Tanzania, which in turn helps regenerate the forests.
  • Last year alone, the forests where our beekeepers have their hives captured over 28,000 tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere!

A product of Tanzania. Bottled in Canada.

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Fair trade body



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Summer Harvest honey, Winter Harvest honey, Half and half

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50g jars, 350g bottles, 500g bottles

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